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About Us 

Our Values



Inch wide, mile deep philosophy - A targeted approach towards truly understanding the why. 



Honest and Transparent - we're by your side from start to finish.



Not just collaborate - We nurture partnership through placing top talent in rewarding roles. 

About Us

Permanently Shaping Careers and Lives

At Kind Support we’re all about finding the right people for each role, by combining years of expertise with market leading techniques, our approach goes above and beyond industry standards.

Launched with a specific focus on finding PERMANENT jobs in Healthcare, we take value on positively impacting the staffing crisis. By closely working with the NHS and Private sector groups, we match high calibre talent with rewarding vacancies to improve standard of healthcare nationwide. 

As a company we’ve made it our mission to ensure quality Healthcare professionals are recognized through quality roles. 

We cover roles across a broad scope of areas/specialisms, from Care Assistant jobs to Nursing Director positions, our teams work by your side throughout the job changing process.

We treat each role uniquely, this tailored approach has meant that we’ve repeatedly found the right people for the right roles, whilst proving to our clients that we can improve staff retention by rewarding Nurses, AHP’s and Carers with roles that reflect their true value. 

Whether you're changing jobs or looking for the right people for your teams, our team are here to support!

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